ipm-symbolManaging your innovation portfolio is both complex and challenging. While a company strategy answers the question ‘Why innovate?’ Innovation Portfolio Management responds to the question ‘What to innovate?’. Where resources should be allocated? What is the optimal mix of short-term incremental and long-term disruptive projects?

Googol’s approach is to take complexity out of portfolio management by creating a structured process to connect operations and strategy, ensuring that resource allocation meets both present needs and company vision. Our services include analysis, process structure creation, training and on-site implementation.

A structured and visual approach

Having a structured approach and sound decision methods for allocating limited resources is critical for any company that intends to manage its innovation portfolio effectively. A full implementation of our Innovation Portfolio Management services creates structure, energizes innovation culture, anchors operations to strategy, improves project management capabilities and creates a common ground for stakeholders.

Innovation Portfolio Management services deliver:

  1. True strategic resource allocation
  2. Improved project and risk management
  3. A dynamic common innovation culture

Challenge your project managers

The Googol iPM Challenge is a strategy game designed to impart guiding principles and best practices in portfolio management. Using a visual, hands-on approach, participants decide on a project portfolio that aligns with company strategy and complies with resource constraints.