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Googol makes Innovation support your business objectives. We deliver this through Corporate Venturing and Innovation Management. Our work results in increased stakeholder value and Innovation Capabilities. We find ways to commercialize hidden and dormant opportunities, incorporating high performing creativity and excellence in execution combined with our industrial and entrepreneurial experiences. Our culture is characterized by our engagements to create Inclusive Innovation with social impact.

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Recent Posts


Innovation Principle #5: Speed

A wise woman said to me "There is no difference between a good time to do things and now.” This is true whether it comes to mowing the lawn, writing a business case or speaking to your customers about service quality. However, you should not let speed and quality become enemies. My point is that once you made a decision, every minute between that decision and executing it is time wasted.

Cross Functional Workshops

At Googol we claim "diversity is a dynamic strength". With this we put an aim at the value of bringing people of different trades, experiences and even types of personalities together, to find problems and solve them in new ways. To achieve innovation, a solution has to be brought to forming value. The route towards this can also be defined in new ways through the collaboration of diverse teams.

Tänk i andra boxar

Dariush Ghatan deltar som en talare vid seminariet Next Generation Banking arrangemang av Affärsvärlden och Talentum. ”Som bank behöver man kombinera den kontinuerliga processen med utveckling av de existerande erbjudandena, med att leta de mer disruptiva och banbrytande. Om detta nu inte råkat vara ett legio hittills, innebär det inte att det fortsatt kommer vara så..."

Blaze your trails

We do not necessarily innovate to be bigger, we innovate to be better, a CEO of a larger bank once expressed to me. My take on this is that getting better at different matters is absolutely vital. As we are getting better at what we do and what we offer, we gain competitive advantages. Competitive advantages affect our likability, which in its turn can be transferred into sales and value creation.

What is Front-Loading?

A company’s success is in large part due to its market timing and how fast it adapts to market changes. To adapt quickly you must be efficient in your development. However, it's important to get a head start since innovation often takes time.

Tävling som innovationsdrivare – bra idé

Att utlysa en tävling på temat innovation är ett omvittnat populärt och effektivt sätt att stimulera och få fart på idéverkstaden. Kärt barn har många namn och definitionen kan tyckas något vag som oprecis. Men oavsett om det kallas för idétävling, designtävling, innovationstävling, teknologitävling, innovationsturnering, eller till och med och crowdsourcing och öppen innovation, handlar det om...

Radical Innovation in the News

Few industries have been beaten, battered and generally roughed up the digital revolution like the news business. I witnessed the carnage first hand. I used to be a journalist and made a career shift a little over ten years ago. After the 2008 financial crisis, I figured I could pat myself on the back for some forward career planning. Getting out of the business when I did felt a lot like...

Att skapa en innovationsfrämjande företagskultur

Innovativa företag kännetecknas av en tydlig vision och en stark vilja till förändring. Det talas ofta om världsledande it-jättar från Silicon Valley, men faktum är att innovationskraften frodas på många andra håll i världen. Den som inte klarar - eller vågar - inse att det krävs en förändring blir snabbt omsprungen och uppäten av sina konkurrenter.

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