Googol launches Innovation Academy

Googol launches Innovation Academy

Sweden’s first education in practical innovation starts January 2013. Googol Innovation Academy is aimed at people involved in processes of change in areas such as research, development, manufacturing, marketing and sales.


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Bo Olsson
Bo Olsson
Phone: +46 (0)70-667 49 76

Bo is the Director of Innovation and Safety at IKEM- Innovation and Chemical Industries in Sweden. He has an Extensive Leadership background since 1979, as Manager, Director and Vice President at AkzoNobel Surface Chemistry and AstraZeneca. 2008 he was appointed Manager of the Year at AstraZeneca in Södertälje. He has worked both in Manufacturing and R&D Environments. He was one of the three founders of The Industrial Association for Process Safety in Sweden and has been the Chair of the Industrial Association for Crystallization Research and Development at The Royal Institute of Technology for more than 25 years. Under his Leadership Innovative Processes for the Manufacturing of Losec, Nexium, Brilinta, Pulmicort, Bricanyl, Plendil etc. has been developed.

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