How Innovation Portfolio Management help to build sustainable growth

You are hereby invited to our Brown Bag Seminar on the topic: How Innovation Portfolio Management helps to build growth, led by Joachim Cronquist from Googol and Nigel Cordery from Sopheon.

Innovation Portfolio Management processes and tools help managers create a relevant portfolio approach to business projects and products, to more effectively respond to business strategy and goals. If strategy answers the question “Why should we innovate?” then Innovation Portfolio Management responds to the question “What should we innovate on?”

We look forward to see you at our next Brown Bag seminar.

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Venue: Central Stockholm (Participants will be informed upon registration).

Time: Tuesday 24 March 2015, at 11.30-13:00.

How: Everyone is served a Brown Bag lunch.

Who: Invited professionals only.

Fee: No Fee, but limited seats/bags.

Key take aways

  • Learn more about useful methods and tools that will support successful decision making, risk management and resource allocation, in your innovation process.
  • Learn how Innovation Portfolio Management can help to build sustainable growth.

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