to life.

Googol exists to bring opportunities to life for both companies and people through innovation. We believe deeply in contributing to the movement of a better society through what we do, and this is what gets us out of bed every morning.

Our Business

We, the Googolians, act as advisors, collaborators, and as hands-on entrepreneurs when we assist you in discovering and executing upon your innovation opportunities.

Our work results in enhanced innovation capabilities, new products and services, new collaborations, disrupted business models or new business entities based on existing assets. It embraces the cultural aspects such as leadership, approach and incentives, as well as hard factors like process organization and structure formation.

  • Results driven process
  • Creative and collaborative way of work
  • We build teams based on the needs of each assign
  • Expert teams built around project needs
  • Unlocking hidden opportunities

Our Guidance

Be Curious. Be Courageous.

We are driven by curiosity and courage, and this we bring to the table. Our core values are defined as ‘Wow’ and ‘Crisp’. We believe deeply in contributing to the movement of a better society through what we do.

WOW is the thinking — we invest ourselves in understanding the core needs of businesses, customers and stakeholders to meaningfully  grasp the problem we’re trying to solve and the opportunities around it.

CRISP is the solution — we deliver high quality, impactful innovative solutions distilled to its essence, whether it’s a precise analysis report or finessing the finer details of a product design.

Who we are

Amongst us you will find business architects, entrepreneurs, as well as specialists with more than 20 years of innovation management experience. All of us are passionate for Innovation from our different perspectives and we value the entrepreneurial spirit dearly fostered within Googol.

Meet the Core Team

  • Dariush Ghatan +46 (0)70-606 86 96

    “For me, compassion, curiosity and courage have become lead words. I strongly believe in leadership beyond personal winnings.”

  • Jan Sandqvist +46 (0)70-555 59 11

    “I believe all organizations have hidden assets that are not being used. By commercializing them with our clients we create value of investments already made.”

  • Bisse Frid +46 (0)70-735 54 09

    “People makes the difference.”

  • Bengt Järrehult +46 (0)70-666 15 76

    “I am triggered by making change happen in organizations by applying both new and proven methods on how to be more innovative.”

  • Clas Rolander +46-(0)76-767 70 77

    “I’m broadly interested in how innovations and technology can improve quality of life for individuals as well as performance of companies and the society.”

A peek into our toolbox

We employ and select the best-suited tools to tackle your challenges and create value.



Great metrics enhance long-term innovativeness and create a common vision and purpose across your organization. We assist you to choose and define innovation metrics aligned with your business strategy and goals.


Idea Management

We increase the quality and relevancy of your ideas from both creatively and strategically. We bring to the table a systematic process of capturing, developing, selecting and evaluating ideas that creates business value.


Innovation Portfolio Management

Improve your project and risk management capabilities by purposefully deciding how to allocate your resources. We remove the complexity of portfolio management and create synergy among stakeholders to realize your organization’s vision.


Opportunity Scouting

Capitalize on hidden opportunities through existing assets. Googol Opportunity Scouting™ is a structured process in which we scan your organization for current and future opportunities that align with your strategic focus.


Opportunity Management

We create tangible value for your organization and stakeholders by assisting you in identifying needs, developing and implementing solutions, and by commercializing your opportunities and bringing traction to them.


Periscope Investments

Googol Periscope Investment™ assists you in investing your know-how and your functional innovation assets, with a defined risk profile, into chosen ventures. Through tailored entrepreneurial endeavors, we give you insight, first-hand knowledge and financial returns.

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