Bringing your
opportunities to life.

At Googol, we specialize in assisting companies to create long lasting growth by increasing their innovation capabilities and in developing their opportunities.

What we do

We design long term business growth by delivering tailor-made Innovation Programs that incorporates high-performing creativity and excellence in execution.


Increasing innovation capabilities

How you innovate and what you innovate on are closely linked to why you innovate. We bring deep expertise and cutting-edge thinking and real actions to assist your organization to build an innovation compass, instil the right structure, and cultivate a culture with a constancy of purpose for introducing new business models, processes and offerings.


Drive opportunity development

Increase your returns on innovation efforts by managing your opportunities purposefully. Our rigorous entrepreneurial approach, aimed at generating tangible returns, drives ideas to market faster and better. Harvest untapped opportunities, and decrease risks and time to market for your projects.

Discover how you can increase your organization’s innovation capabilities

Our Innovation Capabilities Framework

We take a holistic approach in enhancing your organization’s innovation capabilities. This framework allows us to build and implement strategies, define processes and choose tools, cultivate high-performing cultures and rewarding ecosystems.

Our Opportunity Development Framework

Our opportunity development framework is a results-driven process that systematically discovers, prioritizes, evaluates, and execute an organization’s opportunities.

For whom

Whether you’re a board member seeking to transform your organization or a business manager trying to discover new opportunities, we dedicate our minds, souls and hearts to solve your challenges.

Googol is for you when…

You want to increase your innovation capabilities

You want to discover growth opportunities & differentiate your business and brand

You want higher returns on your innovation efforts

How our expertise can assist you

We are experts at integrating bold new models and disruptive technologies

We sharpen your innovation lens by identifying signals within noise

We create drive to take your ideas to market with less risk and waste

Our Guidance

We are driven by curiosity and courage, and this we bring to the table. Our core values are defined as ‘Wow’ and ‘Crisp’. We believe deeply in contributing to the movement of a better society through what we do.

I want to increase profits and build sustainable growth

Examples of our Clients